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Why I Blog?

Many probably wonder what the BIG thing is about blogging. I know it took me a good year to really get into the idea of frequently posting on the blog I first created. And, if you go back to my first year of posting, my blog was pretty BLAH! ;-)… my writing was far from what my true potential was and my topics were not the greatest. It was tough for me to truly get into it.

I slowly began reading other blogs, getting ideas and realizing exactly what I wanted the purpose of my blog to be. I wanted to share my faith, my trials, my successes and also share a lot about being a mommy. A big goal for me was to be real. I didn’t want to portray myself as a girl with the perfect life, who was the perfect mommy, perfect wife… because that was far from the truth.

In my world… I cry often, I get angry at God often {but I do say sorry to Him often too}… I make mommy mistakes… but I also share many of my successes… this blog is about the REAL me…

Recently I decided to get very serious about my blogging and made the switch from blogger to wordpress… I love it!

Blog for the fun of it… blog for yourself… blog to be real!

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Journey of Faith


How this event came to be…

For several years now I had always *thought* that I needed to do something to help this cause. I needed to “pay back” what had been given to me because of my battle with childhood cancer. It stayed as a thought for a long while until I finally had the courage and will to truly do something. I am a 32 year survivor of a childhood cancer called neuroblastoma (cancerous tumor that develops in your nerves). It was a battle that I am blessed to have had (yes, really it WAS a blessing), but I was also too young to remember. My mom is the true survivor of it during the actual treatments, in my opinion. I had the challenge of surviving the aftermath of it- everything it left for me to deal with to this day, mainly through my physical disability, and it has truly been a journey that my faith has carried me through.  And my mom has survived that part of it with me too. 

This past January I purchased a handcycle and was able to participate in a half-marathon, which opened up a new world for me. A world where I could be active and feel proud of myself. During this time is when the seed was planted of wanting to organize a running event to help raise money for childhood cancer. It was more interesting now because it would be something that I could now participate in as well & possibly encourage more disabled people to start becoming more active as well.

I later came across the Reyna Family through an article in The Monitor and that is when I just knew this event HAD to happen and it was going to be for them and the work they were doing to honor their daughter Lou Lou (Lou Lou Reyna Foundation), who fought a brave battle with cancer. The main use for money they raise if to assist families and extra expenses that they face during the treatment time frame (a lot of expenses).

And that is a short, very condensed, explanation of how Journey of Faith was born. With your help I am praying that this will be a successful event. An event that will have multi-purposes… it will- raise money for childhood cancer, raise awareness for childhood cancer, raise awareness for people with disabilites and how they can find abilities and it will bring our community along with people from all over the RGV together for a great cause.

Cancer can be personal, it was and still is for me.

I truly hope you can all join us on this great Journey of Faith!

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I know many do not comprehend why birthday parties are so important or needed.  I go through my moments when I think, “we are keeping it small this year”… after six parties… I am still waiting for the “small” one.  You see, when you have a family the size of mine – it will never be small.  Ever.  But, you know what?  All that means is that the LOVE is big too.  So it is always wonderful in the end.

Every year I search everywhere and ANYWHERE for the cute ideas, the “different” ideas… I have this thing about not wanting to be like everyone else… it’s just in me.  I think I’ve done pretty good with her party ideas…

1st year:  A Disney Luau

2nd year:  Let’s FISH with Mickey

3rd year:  The Wonderful World of Disney

4th year:  Lilo & Stitch

5th year:  Minnie/Zebra with a candy buffet (favorite)

6th year….. We got a bit TANGLED! 



 Are we noticing the Disney trend here?  Yeah… we are obsessed.  It’s a Disney thing. 😉

We had an amazing cake made by Sarah:

Sarah also made us the most adorable and great tasting cookies- shaped as popcicles to match the “pool” theme that went along with the Tangled theme… {I told you- I like to do things DIFFERENTLY- ;-)}

We also had some “cool gumball” milkshakes…. {and rootbeer floats that grandma insisted on}…

It was a fun party… it turned out perfect.  School friends, cousins… what else could we ask for?


I got to celebrate my gift… my blessing… the best thing that God has ever trusted me with…

How could THAT not be BIG?

Oh, and the ideas going through my head for next year… watch out!  It’s on!

I will always celebrate the day that I became….

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Be Your Own Hero




 Don’t base your happiness on what others think of you.  Or what others do with you or for you…

Don’t rely on them. 

Don’t look down on yourself.

Do trust God.

Do believe that HE made you heroic.

So just do it.

Be your own HERO…


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Watch Me


Watch Me…

I decided to just take the leap of faith… and built my wings on the way down…

Strong arms ARE the NEW legs… 😉


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Are we the perfect family? HA… not even close.

Truth is…

We disagree.
We annoy each other.
We judge each other.
We frustrate each other.
We calmly discuss our differences we once in a while yell and tell each other what bothers us and sometimes say hurtful things to one another…

For real.  We do.  We have.

Then we have all the grandkids… {what? Did you think I was talking about them already? ;-)}

They disagree.

They annoy each other.  A LOT.  {Almost as much as the adults ;-)… I kid, I kid.  It’s not nearly as much… KIDDING!}

They frustrate each other.

And, yes, they even yell and sometimes say hurtful things to each other.

But, if we as adults do it… of course they will too.

But what family doesn’t go through that?

In the end – we love each other.  We forgive each other.  We apologize to each other {even when we still feel we aren’t the ones needing to apologize}.  We value our relationship far more than a disagreement.

As a family we have been through a lot.  We’ve been close to falling apart … but we fought through it.  We’ve disappointed each other… but we dealt with it.  That is what families do… they move on… they get past things.

My parents are truly one-of-a-kind… they lead us through example.  They instilled the value of education by example – they both finished college and they proudly tell people that their 3 kids have ALL finished college and each have a graduate degree as well.  And they always proudly add the fact that our spouses do too.

Our parents celebrate with us daily… with all the new family additions…

As a family we have disappointed each other.  We have forgiven each other.  We have celebrated together.  No matter what, we still look for each other.  {We still need each other… sometimes we are too stubborn to admit it}.

I love the fact that I can say that my brothers love me A LOT and know that I am speaking the truth.

Through all our differences, through all our disagreements, through all our successes, and through ALL our memories…

We WILL ALWAYS be THE RODRIGUEZ FAMILY… the family who has been through a lot but has managed to get through it.  The family who is perfectly unperfect and is proud of that.  The family that I love through the good times and the bad.

 My Family…

Perfectly Unperfect- forever and for always!

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I love getting thes e-mails from Monday through Friday.  It is usually the first e-mail I read every morning.  I would say about 99% of the time it is the EXACT message I am needing to hear at the moment.  God has spoken to me a great deal through these messages and I am thankful for that.  Today’s message was no different.  In fact, I believe that today’s message has been the most powerful one for me.  It described MY situation SO well about the walk I am taking with the Lord… I recently discovered exactly what it was that I had to offer…

So… not too much rambling from me today… I will just share today’s e-mail with you.


July 18, 2011

Do I Have Anything to Offer?
Glynnis Whitwer

“Moses said to the LORD, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been
eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am
slow of speech and tongue.’” Exodus 4:10 (NIV 2011)

When a move took my family from one side of the country to the other,
insecurity surprised me. Despite being a confident woman in most areas of my
life, I suddenly felt out of place and questioned my abilities.

Don’t get me wrong. The people were delightful and welcoming. It’s just that
I felt so different. It seemed all the women I met were smartly dressed and
spoke with charming accents. I, on the other hand, wore casual clothes and spoke
in what suddenly seemed like a boring monotone.

But that wasn’t all. God placed me in a work situation with women who had
impressive resumes and accomplishments compared to me. These women had also been
working together for years. They knew their purpose and seemed self-assured. As
a newcomer, my confidence was shaky as I compared my experience and talent to

Over time, the differences magnified as my friends achieved more success. My
gifts and talents seemed insignificant. I wondered how or why God would use
someone like me, a somewhat simple and straightforward woman, when there were so
many beautiful and charming ones nearby.

Although my head spoke words of doubt, God was strengthening my heart with
His truth. He was teaching me that His love for me and my potential weren’t tied
to performance. It didn’t matter what my “resume” looked like, or what level of
“success” I achieved.

He wanted me to accept His love…just as I was. This truth shouted freedom to
an achievement-based woman like me.

It didn’t happen overnight, but as I learned that my value was found in being
a beloved daughter of God, I realized God had never compared me to anyone. He
wasn’t counting accomplishments or gauging my impact. He was simply interested
in what I did with what He entrusted to me.

After years of disqualifying myself, I finally accepted that God created me
unique for a reason. The way I think, my personality and talents are all tools
to accomplish God’s plan for me. What I saw as flaws, He saw as potential. And
the more I invested in how God made me, the greater He was glorified, and the
more impactful I was at work and in ministry.

The same is true for every woman. God’s design of you is intentional. You
aren’t like your mother, sister or friend for a reason. Your life and ministry
will never look like the manager you admire, the women’s ministry director at
your church, or the woman who lives next door.

And that’s a good thing, because God doesn’t want you to be like them. He
wants you to be YOU.

The challenge today is to release the expectations you’ve placed on yourself
and explore God’s amazing plan for you. You’ll discover what I did: Everyone has
something to offer.

Dear Lord, thank You for placing potential within me. Forgive me for
neglecting the gifts and talents You’ve given me, or for wishing I had someone
else’s abilities and experiences. Help me to embrace Your design of me, and to
explore the incredible plan You have for me. In Jesus’ Name,


What do you have to offer the Lord?  We all have something…

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